Wine tasting in the Loire Valley


There are many Wines in this Region.....



The Touraine appellation extends from Sologne to the boundaries of the Vienne. The main grape varieties used are, Cabernet, Gamay, Côt or Malbec for the red and rosé wines, Pineau d'Aunis and Grolleau for the rosés and Loire White Pineau and Sauvignon for the white wines. The "Touraine primeur" (young Touraine) is produced solely from Gamay.

Touraine Amboise

Dominated by the silhouette of its castle, the Amboise vineyard produces an excellent keeping wine.

Touraine Mesland

Between Amboise and Blois, the Mesland vineyard may be distinguished from others by the finesse and delicacy of its red and rosé wines issued from the Gamay grape-variety and of its white wine with a Chenin base.

Touraine Azay-le-Rideau

Famous for its castle on the Indre river, the Azay-le-Rideau soil is also renowned for its white wines from the Pineau grape and for its rosé wines.


This is an area of pure Cabernet. The wines from gravel soils reach their fullness early. The wines from tufa soils become fruity one year later. Bourgueil is an excellent cellar wine.

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

This fairly tender wine has substance, and keeps perfectly. All the flavours of red fruits predominate and this wine show well after a few years. It can, however, be consumed young.


From gravelly terraces, Chinon provides an elegant and delicious wine which can be enjoyed young. When from clay-limestone slopes, we find a wine which when aged, blossoms into an excellent vintage.


Between Amboise and Tours, Montlouis is an elegant white wine : dry, semi-dry or sweet. It keeps well and matures in bottle. Fully sparkling wines are also produced in the traditional method.


Vouvray is produced in three forms : still (dry, medium-dry or sweet), semi-sparkling or fully sparkling (traditional method). These wines are always fruity, fine and light.